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The Facility is located at 5501 Balcom Canyon Road, Somis, CA between Moorpark and Camarillo close to the Ventura/Los Angeles County border on the beautiful Whitethorne Ranch. Set in quiet surroundings, away from traffic noise and urban stress, amongst citrus and avocado groves the ranch benefits from the ocean breeze from Camarillo resulting in temperatures in summer which are 10ºF - 15ºF below those in Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Simi Valley.

The boarding facilities include at total of 76 stalls, made up of BARNMASTER™ In & Out stalls, BARNMASTER™ Box Stalls, BARNMASTER™ Foaling Stalls and Mare Motel Stalls, each measuring 18ft x 24ft. There are four, year round, large green pastures including a hand grazing pasture, five standard pastures and ten large turn outs.

Other facilities include two International sized jumping arenas with extremely well maintained NEWCOURSE JUMPS™ and jumps sourced from Blenheim EquiSpors built to replicate a wide range of obstacles found at local, national and international jumping venues. There is an FEI Standard Sized Dressage Court with mirrors and Nike based footing by Footings Unlimited; a Riding Court; Longeing Arena and floodlighting. There is a walking trail and a one and a half furlong riding track edged with Orange, Grapefruit and Pepper trees, and a 3 acre grass jumping field which also has a wide selection of Grand Prix style jumps.

All of the Arenas are watered daily in the dry season. The two jumping arenas use a special FIBAR™ footing mixture, which in addition to the outstanding cushioning it provides to the horse’s hooves, retains moisture in summer reducing dust, and also absorbs water in the rainy season to ensure that the arenas may be used long before comparable sand based arenas.

There are also BARNMASTER™ Groom Stalls and Custom Built Farrier Stations, a specially designed 70 ft. diameter European Equiciser, and a floodlit 60 ft. Round Pen with a 7ft. wooden enclosure and double, full height entry doors



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  There are two separate main BARNMASTER™ Barns at Whitethorne.

The Main Barn, includes 35 Box Stalls, 3 extra large Foaling Stalls, 3 tack rooms, the Trainer’s Office, a Kitchen, a Laundry for saddle pads and wraps, bathrooms and a shower.
The Small Barn, includes 10 BARNMASTER 12ft x 36ft In & Out stalls, 4 Box stalls, two tack rooms with full height lockers for personal property and two covered Farrier Stations.

Both of these barn structures are fully lighted, and enclose a floodlit courtyard area which
includes a supplement feed store with automatic lighting. Both barns also have rubber matted
cross-ties and barn aisles, and an environmentally friendly fly control system

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The Whitethorne Mare Motel is a unique structure constructed of steel well casing and Stallion Mesh, with a complete roof structure. The Mare Motel is lined on both sides by mature pepper trees, and provides twenty four 16ft x 24 ft stalls.

While it provides 24 large stall areas, the Mare Motel has a relatively open structure which is very conducive to preserving the natural herd mentality of the horses, with a large space for each of them to move around. The use of well casing and stallion mesh provides a much safer environment than the traditional pipe corral fencing, helping to avoid injuries to and from horses which kick at their neighbors. The Mare Motel is the most popular boarding option and there is often a waiting list for stalls in this facility.

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Whitethorne has five green pastures which are watered daily and kept grass covered all year round. One of these is a hand grazing pasture where clients may take their horses to graze provided they are attended by the owner, the rider or a groom.

There are a number of other pastures, and ten large turnouts varying in size up to one acre. All of these pastures are provided with sprinklers for dust suppression, double shelters, automatic waterers and feed bins, and all of them are cleaned twice daily, seven days per week. Horses in the pastures are also fed three times daily.

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The Ranch’s purpose built European Exerciser is based on a combination of several distinct German designs and is over 70ft in diameter with variable speed and direction control. The large diameter was chosen in order to minimize the stress on the animal when the unit is operated at higher speeds.


All of the stalls in the Barns and the Mare Motel are fully bedded with Pine Shavings which are cleaned daily, and are replaced on a regular schedule. All of the stalls have automatic waterers, and many of the stalls have rubber matted bases under the shavings. Some even have walls lined with rubber matting to avoid injury to horses which have a kicking problem. Where rubber mats are not fitted in the stalls, these can be installed at the owner’s option.

Full height tack lockers are provided for clients with horses in training, which are fully equipped with bridle and saddle racks, and contain shelves and hanging space for jackets and coats.

Whitethorne offers on call/on site veterinary services and is fortunate to have a fully equipped veterinary hospital which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week only 2 miles away. Also available on call are a number of farrier, acupuncture and chiropractor services.

All horses are fed three times daily, and each horse is provided with a feed chart which may be updated by the horse owner at their own discretion. Standard feeds at Whitethorne are Alfalfa, Oat Hay and/or Timothy/Orchard Grass (at extra charge). Clients may request the provision of special feeds and supplements for their horses, which will be fed to the horses by Whitethorne staff members.

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This arena, which is floodlit, is encircled by a two rail white PVC fence is also surrounded by a lawn, Pepper Trees, and a Rose Garden. At 300ft x 160ft the arena is a full Grand Prix size and is provided with a complete set of NEWCOURSE™ and other custom made Grand Prix style jumps. The arena footing is a custom FIBAR™/Sand mixture which is specially formulated to give the best possible cushioning effect appropriate for Hunters and Jumpers. It is normally watered and groomed daily using a Red Master Harrow arena grooming implement which is specially developed for the purpose. The footing is continuously maintained and is renewed and replaced on a regular basis.



This arena, which is also surrounded by lawns and encircled by a two rail PVC fence, is also a full Grand Prix size at 270ft x 175ft. It also has the same FIBAR™/Sand mixture footing as the main ring, and a full range of NEWCOURSE™ jumps. This arena is also normally watered and groomed daily using a Red Master Harrow arena grooming implement. The grading of the arena has been designed to provide an elevated position so that following the seasonal rains, this arena will dry out and be usable long before other arenas of this type and size.



The Dressage Court is 60 meters long by 20 meters wide and is constructed to meet the FEI standard. It has a movable single rail PVC fence, is surrounded by lawns and is provided with letter boards in accordance with FEI requirements. The court is also normally watered and groomed daily. The footing in the dressage court, has been very accurately laser levelled and has a special Nike/Sand footing developed by Footings Unlimited specifically for Dressage use. This footing is different from that in the main and upper Jumping arenas to provide a different consistency more suitable to the training of Dressage Horses.



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The Grand Prix field is a 3 acre grass field surrounded by an oval Riding Track which measures approximately one and a half furlongs. The footing on the track is a mixture of washed plaster sand and FIBAR™, and the track is watered and groomed daily. This track is an ideal exercise environment for warm up and cooling off after lessons or training sessions.

The grass field which covers the whole center portion of the riding track has been laid with a mixture of special footing materials and a mixture of grasses which will mat together to provide an excellent footing. It is also an ideal training facility of riders who are competing at venues such as Show Park in San Diego, Blenheim EquiSports in San Juan Capistrano, Spruce Meadows in Calgary, and the LAEC Grand Prix field where there are a number of high level Jumper competitions which take place on grass fields.

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