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  About Whitethorne Equestrian Facilities...

WHITETHORNE is all about providing the best possible boarding and training facilities for horse and rider. Based on our Mission Statement, everything on the property is aimed at providing an environment and a standard of service and care which is unmatched anywhere in California

NewMarket West, the managers of the equestrian facility at Whitethorne, strive to maintain this beautiful ranch in first class condition. Both Georgy Maskrey-Segesman and the other training organizations at the ranch are always delighted to show you the outstanding features of this magnificent facility and discuss their Boarding, Training, Lesson, Show and nutrition programs.

Georgy Maskrey-Segesman and the other independent trainers based with their clients at the facility, have over the years prepared a range of lesson and training programs for both horses and riders which are tailored to suit all levels of ability and aspiration, and which meet the needs of each individual horse and rider.

We strive to provide the best of everything for the welfare of your horse. This includes:

  • A beautiful, quiet and peaceful environment, away from traffic noise and urban stress. Set amongst citrus and avocado groves, with extensive well maintained lawns, roses and avenues of mature Pepper, Jacaranda and Ash trees with no smells of manure or urine.
  • A variety of different types of stalls and pastures including BarnMaster Box Stalls and In and Outs; 16ft.x 24ft Mare Motel Stalls and 12ft.x24ft Foaling Stalls; all with automatic fly control systems and deep bedding, using the finest pine wood shavings which are cleaned and changed regularly.
  • Green Pastures; Hand Grazing Pastures; Multiple Large Turnouts; all of them with large shelters, feed bins and automatic waterers and all of which are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. European Style Exerciser and Round Pen facilities are also available.
  • A five acre grass riding field with specially prepared turf footing and permanent water jumps is located inside a quarter mile oval exercise riding track with special sand and Fibar® footing material.
  • Special Feed Schedules for every horse including multiple types of hay and special feeds and supplements, which are provided according to each horse’s needs three times daily.
  • Specially developed footing in the jumping arenas using a Sand/Fibar™ mixture, and Nike™/Sand footing in the Dressage Court, which are watered and maintained daily to the highest possible standard.
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